Support for AVM Fritz DECT switch 440 and Light Bulb 500

And also a big thank you to @mib1185 for laying the foundation of the integrations!

Yes, I saw that too and I hope to find some time soon to have a Look at how to implement the free color selection :slightly_smiling_face: :bulb:

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can someone tell If the buttons of the Fritz 440 are supported in intervals shorter than 30s?
Would like to know before buying some of these.
Thank you!

This is just my observation with other Fritz DECT devices (especially the DECT 301):
When you physically interact with the DECT device and press any button, it will instantly report the status update back to the FritzBox. So on your FritzBox you get a rather fast update.
However Home Assistant will only poll the device states from your FritzBox every 30s, therefore it can take up to 30s for Home Assistant to get notified about that update.

Hi @syt6ss,
HA 2022.6.0 gives us free color selection for Fritz!DECT 500 lights.
Please let me know if you’re experiencing any problems in your setup as this feature is not documented by AVM :confused:.

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How could you use button presses into HA?
I am not able to integrate them into automations.
I only get this:

Hi Julian,
any basic implementation would also be fine! My workaround at the moment is to “abuse” an idle DECT 201 switch for the detection of an button event:
The switch is configured in my Fritzbox to switch an idle Fritzdect 201 for only 1 minute to OFF. That transition is used as a trigger for a custom “fritz 400 button” binary sensor. At the moment I can live with the 30s delay! But in the foreseeable future I would like to reactivate that 201 switch for a different project…
Any ideas / plans on your roadmap? Thank you so much!

I recently upgraded my Fritzbox to FritzOS 7.50. Now one can set up some URL to be called on button press. So, I now can use webhooks in HA to trigger anything by the press of a button on my dect 440. This is what we wanted!


hi chris15,

i looked in my Fritzbox with the OS 7.50 and can´t see any option for set webservice (url).
can you show me were and how you did that?

thanks and regards

You need many clicks to do this…
Smart Home => Automations => Scene or Template => Template => Comfort.. => URL... => ...

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I suggested this to AVM a long time ago. Nice that it’s in now.

Indeed, it is a bit cumbersome, but it finally is possible :tada:

One question regarding the setup: I created a web hook in Homeassistant to turn on a light: http://homeassistant:8123/api/webhook/light_on/ (my local Homassistant instance, also reachable via 192.168.178.XXX). In the Fritzbox (Firmware: FritzOS 7.50), I created an automation template to call the webhook via POST command but the light is not turned on by Homeassistant. Am I missing any configuration in Homeassistant or in the Fritzbox?

Did you know this … ?

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I don’t think I saw this thread before, I had no idea it was the recent update to Fritz v7.5 that added the feature. I thought it had been there all along and I never knew :slight_smile:

@kontorus There are two things to set up in the Fritz OS. One is what they call a “template” and the other they call an “automation”. Looks like you set up the template. Now you need to tell it when to use the template and that’s the automation. I’m not home at the moment but there should be a settings menu to link a button push on your device to the template you just created. Also, in HA, your webhook will simply be light_on, not the full address with the HA IP address.

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Thanks, that solved it.

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