Support for AVM Fritz DECT switch 440 and Light Bulb 500

AVM recently introduced a new light bulb Fritz DECT 500 and switch Fritz DECT 440. It would be great if they could get added to the AVM Fritz DECT smart home integration.

Yes of course, it would be great and even the switch 400… Thank you for your question… I need it too

I would be very happy if the programmers at HA could make it possible … Thank you


Has anyone tried the Fritz 500 bulb yet? I’d like to get one to use a little further away from the hosue and so DECT is ideal, but dont want to spend the money yet if its not going to work.

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I also got a Fritz DECT440 and was happy the temperature sensor was directly discovered.

Unfortunately no switch entities show up, so it currently only acts like an expensive temperature monitor :sob:

Would be great if the AVM Fritz integration could be updated to support switches/buttons of Fritz DECT devices - if I had any clue of programming I’d try myself.

If it helps - here’s a link to the working DECT adapter for ioBroker on Github:

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+1 from me. Would be awesome to have the switch entities of the dect 440 switch in Home Assistant.
I’m still hoping, that someone is gonna implement it.

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It is not discovered. Is it possible to set a bounty on the integration of the Dect 500?

I looked into it and right now we have to wait for the underlying python lib to release a new version, until integration into HA can start.
The lib owner already implemented support for DECT 4XX buttons and DECT 500, but has yet to push a new package release.

DECT 500 integration looks pretty straight-forward, I’ll see if I can borrow a device, as I don’t own one and don’t plan owning one.
DECT 440 looks slightly more complex, but I do have devices at home.


AVM provides them for developers (ask the press department).
If no luck there, please contact me I can lent you mine.

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The beta firmware enables the humidity sensor of the dect 440 switch. I guess this sensor will find it’s way in HA sooner or later?


first of all, i am not a programmer. I recently bought a Rademacher RolloTron DECT for Fritz!Box (electric belt winder) and tried to get it working with the latest pyfritzhome version 0.6.0 – with some kind of success. The cover entity is loaded and controllable.

I also ordered a switch 440 and will try to integrate it too.

But since version 0.4.2, wich is used by the fritzbox integration, there are a few changes and with 0.6.0 i was only able to load one platform with it. I got a DECT 200 too and when both (switch and cover) are set in only the first one is loaded. I tried to think me in the code a bit but it exceeds my understanding.

If someone had time to look and give me a hint i would love to tweak my custom component and share as long as we wait for the professionals to integrate it.

Support in pyfritzhome has been added for both 500 and 440. So pyfritzhome doesn’t seem to be a blocker any longer. We’d just need to update the dependency from its current 0.4.2 version to 0.6.0 probably

Is there already somebody working on the integration of the updated package? Can we support this somehow as non-developers, e.g. providing test logs from the Fritz DECT devices?

i will also support (testing) if required. since yesterday owner of an FRITZ!DECT 500 (Light Bulb).

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Maybe I could do the programming part, since I have already spent effort into the fritzbox integration.
Give me time, to have a look into the new support of 440 and 500 devices in pyfritzhome 0.6.0.

Edit: pyfritzhome 0.6.0 is still not published yet, so still needs to wait …

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I would love to see the Rademacher RolloTron DECT supported. It’s a shutter which can be controlled from the fritzbox or attached fritz switches/phones. In HA it only shows as binary sensor.

My current workaround is using a mqtt-cover that controls the device via iobroker…

Hello, version 0.6.1 published and DECT 500 will be supported :slight_smile:

If you need someone for testing!?


I got the Fritz!Dect 500 working, but there are a few problems:
The light supports only a few colors and I did not find a way to show that in Home Assistants UI. So you can pick from all the colors in Home Assistant and the light gets set to what comes closest to what you selected. Its not perfekt from a users perspective but I did not find a better solution for now.

This is my first experience with python, so feedback on my code is highly appreciated ;).
I’m currently struggling with some checks and unit-tests.
@mib1185 would you mind having a look?

Hi, Humidity Sensor support for the DECT 440 has been included in the HA 2021.10 release :tada:

I also looked into support for the buttons on the DECT 440. However there is a fundamental issue with how the Fritz API works, so there probably won’t ever be any good support for the buttons. The Fritz API as of now only provides a polling but no push mechanism. Meaning currently HA pulls status updates from the FritzBox every ~30s.
So if you press a button on the DECT 440, it may take up to 30s until HA notices the button press. Moreover the API only reports the timestamp of the latest button press. So, if you press a button multiple times, HA may be able to recognize a single click only.

One hacky way, I saw you can set up the DECT 440 (and your FritzBox) to send an email when pressing a button. So in theory, you could send a (local) email to your HA instance and then have an email trigger (if there’s already a integration for that) you automations, etc. :no_mouth:

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Indeed, this should be possible. See this integration: IMAP Email Content - Home Assistant

A big thank you to @flabbamann and @jloehr for the integration of the DECT 440 and 500 systems!

@flabbamann: As AVM just released new iOS and Android versions of the “FRITZ!App Smart Home” app which now support “Free color selection for FRITZ!DECT 500 LED lights”, would it be possible to integrate the color selection wheel also into Home Assistant?

See e.g. for the change log:

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