Support for boiler control

I’ve been using SONOFF smart TRVs for the past year to control my heating (Vortex Pro Indoor Combi Boiler). This works in conjunction with a basic wall programmer that sets the heating schedule for water and heating.

The programmer developed a fault and I had to switch the boiler over to 24x7, which was fine during the winter, but now it is getting warmer I need to find a replacement programmer.

To make things slightly more complicated, the boiler is in a utility room, so a combined programmer / thermostat would need to disable the thermostat function. It’s not so easy to determine if this is possible from the manufacturer’s websites.

I would like to replace the programmer with something that integrates with HA. Preferably allowing HA to turn it on or off or at least to report what it is doing. I have looked a several smart thermostats and so far have not been able to tell if they will work in my situation.

UK based. ZHA preferred.

Features wanted:

wall unit:
twin relay control for heating and water
programme schedule
report status to HA
report schedule to HA
set status from HA
set schedule from HA.

What is the state of the smart home heating control?