Support for EHEIM Digital Products

Eheim has a new line of wifi-connected products:

I would like to have integration especially for filters;

Thank you

First step, do they have an available API for these devices?

It has no public API as far as I know. I just bought a ledcontrol+ with a light and was debuging a bit. It’s used with a browser over HTTP with javascript. So the information I’ve collected:

  • it opens a websocket to the device: ws:// (of course the real ip of the device)

  • on turning on the light it sends this message to the device:

  • the message contains the mac address of the device it needs to be sent, probably because of the mesh network support for other eheim devices. I have only one light connected to the ledcontrol+ so I don’t know how it works with more independent lights.

  • to turn off the light it needs the same message but the values needs to be 0,0,0

  • the page keeps the websocket open, but it works if I open the socket, send my turn on/off message and close the socket

  • there are lot’s of other messages which tries to get other eheim devices, but I have only this one yet so I don’t know how other messages are working.

Most likely all the eheim digital devices are working the same way, only the messages and answers for the messages are changing. It would be cool if Eheim would provide a documentation of this… :slight_smile: Sad, but I’m not good enough and have no other devices to write an integration for those devices. For a start I hope it helps. :slight_smile: Using python3-websocket I can turn on and off my lighting (and dimming it aswell) in manual mode.


It seems like as a starter you could use some kind of commandline switch.

Thank you, this just helped me to make an Eheim autofeeder+ run a manual feeding turn by external command. It runs similar like your websocket example:


@woockie I am currently trying to make an integration out of this, feel free to contact me if you want to help. I am very interested in getting this to work with HA!

Run script somewhere. More information about that later… :wink:

is it possible to run this script directly on HA when running as a operating system?

First of all sorry for the late answer! Sure, I’ll be able to help you in testing at least, but only from about this october. :frowning: Until then my days are crazy

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check again on the repo, we make good progress with the integration which is installable via hacs :wink:

just get in touch via the repo whenever you are ready :wink:

Any update on this? I have an autofeeder+ and really would like to get this integrated!

If there’s anything I can do, let me know! (I’m not a coder, so I’m afraid I can’t help coding :roll_eyes:)

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I too have autofeeder+ but seen on github that this is not supported in your code, are there any plans to support the autofeeder?