Support for "FVTLED" / Magic Home Wifi LED Spots

Almost exactly two years ago I bought 2 sets of “FVTLED” Spotlights for my garden, a typical china product that is probably sold under lots of different names. It recently quite frustrated me because after those two years both started flashing in R - G - B - WW - … circles at the same time and the remotes didn’t work any more. Completely resetting this fixed the colorful circles but not the remotes. New batteries did neither.

The wifi connection with the vendor app “Magic Home Pro” has also been flakey at best and I’d like not to have this horrible software on my phone or in my network… but I can’t figure out whether this can be flashed with ESPHome and if so, how to do it.

This is the product page:
The actual hardware (controller and remote) look different though.

This is what the driver looks like from the outside:

This is the Controller:

These are the networks it generates:

The model no on the driver leads to no google results at all. There are posts about “Magic Home” but the hardware looks vastly different (e.g.

How do I find out if and how this can be flashed? I’d prefer ESPHome, but Tasmota or any other free software would be welcome as well :slight_smile:

Open it up (essentially destroying the waterproofing?) and see if a esp is inside :bulb:

Just to be sure: I’d look inside the “LED Controller” boxes, not “LED driver”, right? If so, waterproofing doesn’t seem to be much of an issue since ther is no IP class written on it anyways.

Yes, the controller is the :brain: and contains something capable of providing wifi - hopefully a esp so you can free & own the device :rocket:

This is what it looks like inside:

It seems to be filled with some rubbery material (waterproof stuff?). Not sure if it’s a good idea to try to disassemble this any further?

Yes, potted for waterproofing reasons. It’s a pita to get this out (and not damage sensitive electronics). Afterwards it will not be waterproof anymore if you don’t put in new rubber/gel stuff.

I think I’ll keep going with “put a smart switch in front of it and use that to turn it on and off” then for now… destroying this would be quite some trouble. But thanks for the assistance :slight_smile:

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If you add it using the Magic Home integration, you can download diagnostics and it will tell you which chip it is in the file.

Nice, great idea!

Just did that and it seems to be an “AK001-ZJ200” with “<LEDENETChip.ESP8266: 1>”

So that means it would probably be flashable if I got rid of all the waterproofing material, right? I think the possibility of damaging it trying this is a bit too high for me right now but it’s good to know that this could be done :slight_smile:

Seems like it’s probably flash-able but I wouldn’t recommend it as it’s likely to get destroyed in the process.

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