Support for Homeylux light system

Homeylux is an alternative to Hue that is much cheaper.
Would be great to have this as integration in Home Assistant.

Just so you now (and for future reference), I got gifted a Homeylux wifi bulb, and already had Tuya switches. I ran apktool over the Homeylux app and noticed a lot of references to Tuya.

So what I did was registering the new bulb using the TuyaSmart app. I only had to connect manually to the wifi network the lamp was broadcasting, because it wasn’t recognised by the TuyaSmart app by default (probably because of the name), but after that it just worked exactly as a Tuya bulb.

This means you can use the Tuya integration that’s in Home Assistant by default for Homeylux stuff!

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How did you manually connect?

Hi, same question here. Got a 6x Intelligenter WiFi LED Erdspießstrahler Spikey Aluminium-Anthrazit ( and want to integrate to

Yes please. I have like 26 Homeylux lights and I really can’t add them all manually to tuya…
Is there any other way?

Yes please tell us how to add a Homeylux device in the TuyaSmart app.

We did it as described in the Integration documentation.