Support for Ikea Trådfri Sensors

I connected Ikea Trådfri gateway to HA and all lights are working well. I have a problem with setting up the Trådfri sensors in HA which are paired successfully to the gateway.

Does HA support Trådfri sensors and how can I configure the system?

Actually, HA doesn´t seems to support the sensors. But what do you want to do with these sensors in HA?

I would like to control my Ikea ligths using Ikea switches and some advanced rules using HA. For example motion sensors are driving some lights at night time and the same lights are controlled by switch at day time. I do have some DIY sensors what I would like to use, so HA looks just the correct software in this case.

There are very limited options in the Ikea software to configure the behavior of the lights. If the Ikea switches are not supported in HA, I may return all my Ikea gear back to the store and buy some other devices to play.

You could use automations in HA. In my setup, there is one motion sensor which controlls one bulb. If there is a motion detected, the bulb lights up. Because the bulb is integrated in HA, i got the state of the lamp (on/off).
You can set the time on the motion sensor, how long the bulb stays on, but if you started it manually, the counter doesn`t “count”. For this case i have an automation, which turns the bulb of 70 seconds after it turned on (Its settes to 1 minute on the sensor).

How “complicated” is the automation you set up to do this? I am a new user. I’ve got Home Assistant running and have only used it to manually turn (WEMO) lights on/off. It works great. But, recently I got some of the Ikea light bulbs with the “motion detector” - and I have them working in HA as well. But I’m trying to figure out how to create my first “automation”…

When the Ikea motion sensor detects motion, it turns on a single light bulb (for one minute). That works fine. I’d like HA to “see” the activation of that bulb and turn on several other WEMO lights in that same room. Ultimately I’d (somehow) like HA to keep those WEMO lights on for 10 minutes after the most recent (last) “motion detection”.

I’m reading the documentation now - but was just curious how long it took you to set up your automation.