Support for Loqed Lock

In my secrets.yaml, I have only this:

LOQED_WEBHOOK: ‘loqed_status’

On the loqed website I have the full url, including https://

It only updates the status once I did operate the lock once.

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Great thank you. I also had it set to http on the website.

All working now

I’m playing with automations now. Can I do an action lock in an automation?

I have tried this as an action:

  - command: 'curl webhook url_for_locking_door'

But this gives errors in the log: invalid option .

However, as the card for Loqed is present in my dash, with options to lock/unlock, I’m thinking I should be able to do this another (better) way?

Assuming you followed my setup to the letter, you should have a entity called lock.loqed_smart_lock

You can use that in your automations.

Go to developers tools to lookup the entity and play with it’s values.


Thank you again for your great help!

I did follow your instructions exactly. I do have an entity lock.loqed_smart_lock. If I go to states and set the state for the lock from locked to unlocked (or the other way around) nothing happens with the lock.

So I figured that doing this in an automation wouldn’t do anything either (of course I could be wrong/do it wrong).

However, I did try something else, which might be not be the right way to do this, but it works.

I did add this to my configuration.yaml:

    url: !secret LOQED_LOCK_DOOR
    url: !secret LOQED_UNLOCK_DOOR

In my secret.yaml I did put the the webhooks from the Loqed website for unlocking and locking the door.

After restarting HA I now can call the service: rest_command.loqed_lock_door (or unlock) as an action in my automations.

It sounds to me that I’m doing this totally the wrong way, but it works. Thanks again for your help!

Just had an update. Seems they are introducing a local api and working on that home assistant plug-in. I believe there is some info Here

Let’s hope it doesn’t take ages for the rest, but local support is the opposite of what we see these days so we are happy :wink:

For those not aware, there is a home assistant integration for it now via Hacs. It is in beta.

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Thank you for this.

I have added the integration and the lock works however after restarting I keep getting a new discovered device. When I configure the lock home assistant says the device was already added.

Any idea what I could be doing wrong please?

This is a bug. It is already on GitHub as an issue

Seems the HACS github repo is not active since they are working on core support, see the PR here which although good intentions might have had a better chance of success if the first bugs mentioned on hacs where adressed. But that is just my way of looking at this.