Support for LYWSD03MMC

the newest bluetooth temperature and humidty sensor from Xiaomi wont work in Hassio. The model is: LYWSD03MMC

is possible to implement the support for this sensor?

Sorry Xiaomi not tuya

I you have an ESP32, then it’s possible and in stable since yesterday:

What if someone doesn’t have it? :wink:

Then they need to order 10 :rofl:

I have one for the temperature sensors, one for the doorbell detection, and one ordered last week to play with, maybe for a new project in the future :innocent:

I’m not sure how to do this without an ESP32. You have Android apps like MijiaTemp, but we want in to be in HA. :slight_smile:

Just buy one or two esp32 with an external antenna :wink:

Yes. Had WiFi problems with one.

I have these: ESP32

And use these: antennas

Or do you mean bluetooth antenna?

I don’t have any problem with bluetooth range, only using 1 ESP32 in the middle floor. It receives the one in the garage and the attic.

Sorry was thinking that you had 10 so as to cover all your house :confused:

I highly recommend this work, frees your USD 4.60 per unit sensor from any cloud. I have found accuracy, battery live and range excellent.

I have been very successful with this code, below, I wrote and run on a Raspberry Pi. I think is is a good direction to move core Bluetooth LE interface out of Home Assistant. Keep things clearly separated.
Bluetooth and specifically Low Energy Bluetooth is difficult and not consistent. Software for BLE on Linux is a moving target, this is a problem when you have the BLE tools and interface imbedded in Home Assistant. Better to run the collection outside of Home Assistant. My code publishes the sensor readings on MQTT, easy to use in Home Assistant, HomeKit via Homebridge and other home automation systems. I have one rPi 3 with internal bluetooth adapter collecting reading in a 1300 sq ft house with 20 BLE sensors. You can restart, reconfigure, adapt and not have to continuously restart your home automation system. There are similar systems based on ESP32 collectors as well. Whatever direction you go, again I think it is best to abstract the collector device or devices outside HA, yes one more device/hub to manage, but with the lack of consistency of bluetooth drivers and tools, the right direction IMHO.