Support for more SMA Devices (e.g. Tripower X)

Got everything completed and succesful.
But then at the end there is no new device?

Maybe it is because it is the newest range of inverters SunnyBoy Smart energy? (since april 2024)

I have not seen this device before. That could actually be the reason.

Can you please send me the diagnostic information (see first post)?

You can contact me here:

You got mail :wink:

an update on the integration.

The integration has grown significantly in recent weeks. The integration should now support almost all SMA devices, as a speedwire support had been added.

Four interface types are now supported (more information in the faq):

  • Speedwire
  • Energy Meter
  • Devices of the webconnect generation
  • Devices of EnnexOS based devices.

New Features:

  1. The biggest change concerns ennexOS-based devices.

I turned out that the ennexOS-based devices not only provide information about themselves, but also partly about the plant (Plant:1). In my case, the Tripower X even provides the information from the Energy Meter (Sunny Home Manager 2).


  1. It is now supported if several Energy Meters (SHM, EM2) are active in the network.

  2. The update speed of the sensors is now configurable.

  3. For enneox-OS based devices, I have built in an option to set the Power Limit “WMaxOut”.


My Log is reporting:

Logger: pysmaplus.device_speedwire
Erstmals aufgetreten: 13:35:27 (852 Vorkommnisse)
Zuletzt protokolliert: 14:52:50

Sensors total total_yield Old Value: 47783.404 New values: 47783.407 Overwrite: True
Sensors total total_yield Old Value: 47783.415 New values: 47783.418 Overwrite: True
Sensors today daily_yield Old Value: 51314 New values: 51322 Overwrite: True
Sensors total total_yield Old Value: 47783.426 New values: 47783.429 Overwrite: True
Sensors total total_yield Old Value: 47783.437 New values: 47783.44 Overwrite: True

any chance to get rid of this?

I will remove it in the next version

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Any luck on getting this inverter integrated?

Support for the sunny boy smart energy has added.
unfortunately currently without battery information.

If someone could send me the diagnostic information for a sunny boy smart energy system with batteries, I would add it.

Hey thanks. Mine will be connected in the next few days. But it won’t have a battery connected so I can’t help with that.

Hmm, don’t know what I am doing wrong…
Any suggestions?

Have you selected “Intregation”?
Not sure what the meaning of “Sterren” is.

Yes I did select ‘integration’
‘Sterren’ is sorting by stars, it doesn’t effect the selection imho

I think you are in the wrong dialog:

I am here → integrations-> add repository

After a HACS update, still no success….

Follow the directions from the post of swante and then search for sma:

Maybe this video helps to setup my integration:

Well, that is odd, a search for “” gives a ‘not found’ error in the hacs store, but a search for “littleyoda/ha-pysmaplus” does give the proper result.

Beats me but thanks for all the help

I’ve just tried this custom integration with my newly installed Sunny Boy Smart Energy 5.0 and two SMA batteries and it all went very smoothly! It was a bit annoying that I had to enter the credentials multiple times to add all 3 “devices” (Smart Meter, Sunny Boy, plant), but I guess people will usually only add one of those devices anyway.

I’m not seeing anything weird in the log files and the data seems to come through fine. Is there anything you’d like feedback on or some further testing?

I had made the last improvements for the SBSE 5 with the last version (the one you are using), so it should now be fully supported.
Nice to hear that everything is running smoothly.

Regarding the installation of the devices in HA. I can somewhat understand that running the installation wizard three times is a bit annoying. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to create three devices directly via ConfigFlow instead of one device. At some point I gave up because you only need the passwords during installation.

If anyone knows a way to create several devices from one ConfigFlow, please let me know.