Support for more universal remote controls

It would be nice if HASS can instruct a universal remote control to control non smart devices such as fan, TV, stereo and air cond in my home. These are some of the smart universal remote controls I am interested in…

  1. Broadlink RM pro/home
  2. Xiaomi Mi Smart Home All-In-One Media Control Center

I’m with you on this one, had similar request in github.

Broadlink just released a smaller and cheaper IR unit, the Broadlink Black Bean.
ORVIBO Allone WiWo-R1 is also a quite interesting unit and is very similar to the Broadlink RM with same features.

Would be nice to see Harmony Hub support…

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but I would add lirc support to receive infrared key presses sent by remotes.

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LIRC + raspberry pi support would be great

There are also dedicated IR network devices

On the same RPi that I run HASS on, I have followed this tuto ( to add Lirc support using a cheap IR emitter receiver on eBay on the RPi GPIO (you can easily build your own, of course) and to add a Web interface.
I use it to control my TV, amp, CD player and DAC from any connected device at home.
I am relying on HASS Restful components to control my devices from HASS, which is mainly useful to add automations such as turning the music on when I wake up.
If anyone is interested, I’d be happy to share more insights about this.

There should be a way to use it the other way around, using the IR receiver and a universal remote.
I was more keen on getting rid of my remotes rather than adding one. :slight_smile:


Hi @Claire. That sounds interesting. I am wondering is your remote control unit a standalone unit (as oppose to attach it to RPi that is running HASS)? I am planning to put the remote control unit in multiple rooms to control different devices in each room.

How are you injecting Lirc events into hass? thank you.

Sorry if I was not clear and creating any wrong expectations but I am currently using Lirc the other way around than requested in the initial post, meaning that I am only sending commands from HASS to IR devices and not from IR remote controls to HASS.

@masterkenobi, here is a view of the IR shield I am using on top of my RPi (the blue shield).

It has an emitter and receiver even though I only use it as an emitter.
All the IR devices that I control through Lirc are within range of my RPi where I run HASS that’s why I have both Lirc and HASS on the same RPi but this is not mandatory at all. Since I am relying of HASS’s RestFUL component, you can have your IR shield on any RPi, and even on any number of RPi inside your home.

I am then using lirc_web ( and lirc_node ( to get web interface and JSON API.
I use my PC, smartphones… to control my IR devices from a web interface (some screenshots follow) and now, from HASS with the RESTful components.

So the flow is HASS -> RestFUL component -> lirc_node -> Lirc -> IR device

There was some plan to support irrecord with lirc_web/lirc_node but it seems it is not there yet. It should support irw though so might be interesting to look into it.

If there is still interest in my setup, I can detail it in the “Share your Projects” section of the forum.

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I’ve been tracking this thread and it’s been very educational. Thanks for sharing so much information with the group!

I’m pretty happy with my Harmony hub and IFTTT, but it would be great to even just be able to poll the Harmony Hub for a state, like if an activity is active, so that I could use it in an automation - like the example of the lights dimming when the media player is engaged.

If I missed something and someone is already doing this, I’d appreciate a pointer to a thread or blog.

@Claire, no. Your example is exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t need to control HASS using a remote control.

I totally have no experience in REST. Appreciate if you can share your example in “Share your projects” section. Thanks a lot!

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By the way @Claire, where do you get the blue IR shield? I couldn’t find any in

Got it here:
There is a similar one here:

There is a python module cherezov to control Orvibo AllOne IR/RF433Mhz blaster. In reference is stated that he uses happyleavesaoc module for Orvibo S20 switch. And I believe that happyleavesaoc python-orvibo module is used in Home Assistant to control Orvibo switches. Can I somehow use the cherezov module to control Orvibo blaster?

FYI I just added a LIRC component PR here: It allows you to use any remote to control actions in HA. I’m using it now with my Pi and it’s awesome.

great!! this is exactly what i have been looking for!!

@partofthething WOW ! i will use it!
i will just need to install the lirc package on my rpi? (of course put the ir component on my gpio…)
did you succeed to listen to air-con also?

Yup. Install lirc and python-lirc and you’re good to go. Instructions are pending for merge into the next release on this PR.

Oh and, yes I’m fully operational on controlling my A/C unit. Any mode, temperature, fan speed, etc. I had to use the raw mode2 method in LIRC to learn the remote but it works great. Note that you don’t even need my new module in home-assistant to control the A/C, you can just use LIRC and the shell_command component.

i tried to record my aircon but i couldnt succeed…(on tv it works great)
do you use other methode?

What is the range on this? Since it’s IR does it need to be line of sight?

I guess my question is, I’m looking to control TV’s and Sound systems in a different part of the house that my Raspi\HASS is located. Is there a way to do that, without having to run wires and have IR nodes in each room?