Support for MPD Output command


MPD supports selecting different outputs. Would be nice if this would be supported in home-assistant. Then multi-room audio control would be much easier.


Moved to feature requests


Massive +1.

Output selection and individual volume control of those outputs would be amazing.


Why isn’t it most wanted feature? It would make multiroom management so easy! Official multiroom solution doesn’t allow to manage clients, isn’t it?


Because i Use forked-daapd with several airplay speakers and forked-daapd has a rest interface as well I implemented the multi speakers with input sliders via rest.

This is however not elegant and a bit hacky. Proper support for forked-daapd would be way better.


Hi snizzleorg - would you be willing to post your config for this? Thank you!


See here: Dacp / daapd / iTunes support

this is not only mine which is messy but also the config of @ptrsnja which seems to be much neater


Thanks. And have either you or @ptrsnja got “Google Say” working? I’m using Hass so my forked-daapd is obviously on another Pi.


@daneboom I’m not understanding your question. Are you asking if I’ve got voice control over forked daapd, I do not. I’m using the Android app “retune” to control playback. If you use an iPhone, you can use the native iTunes remote app.


Sorry for being unclear. I was referring to this:


I’m using siri. But of course at the moment does not provide a media-player component so I cannot say increase volume or something like that. I configured switches for my airplay devices so I can enable speakers via siri…