Support for multiple AdGuard Home instances

I run multiple AdGuard Home instances as a fallback server in case one falls over, but HA only supports connection to a single instance.

Any chance we can have multiple integrations for AGH? The benefit is I can keep the two in sync in regards to which filters are enabled via automation.

Please, I need this too :slight_smile:

+1 just switched from pihole to AGH and I need two instances. One for fall back when rebooting HA

+1 I also need two instances (at least)

some routers support multiple DNS Servers (main server and fallback server)

I have two docker servers and each have one instance of AdGuard for case if I need to reboot docker node. It would be awesome if I would be able to add both of them in to HASS.

Would love this, have a Pi and Intel Nuc both running adguard. Having both in HA would be a boon to my automations around adguard as anything I do currently cant be guaranteed as the fallback dns is unaffected.