Support for non-Google Play Services Android

I use GrapheneOS on my phone which has neither Google Play Services nor MicroG. I am getting an error that the app cannot register. It allows me to select my instance and input my username/password.

Any options? Would it help to build the app myself?

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the official app requires google play services…there are some forks out there I believe that you can look for and use instead.

In case you missed it you can now install the minimal flavor of the android app that does not require google services. Keep in mind things like location tracking and notifications will not work as those depend on google services. You can grab the APK from the actions tab on the github repo, just select the latest commit and download the minimal version.

Hey, dshokouhi - thanks so much for the update! The solution to my problem was actually easier than your idea. Before pulling the APK from the actions tab I just downloaded the Home Assistant app from the Play Store (Aurora Store, technically) and went through the first install wizard. Where it used to fail (after inputting user/password) there was a new “Skip” button. I had to consent to missing out on Location-based stuff (don’t use that anyway) and the app started working!

Thanks for responding to this issue. The app is working great now!