Support for obtaining sensor values for a particular time span

Home Assistant currently seems to lack functionality that makes it easy to obtain sensor values for a particular time span, e.g. “today”, “yesterday”, “last week”, “between 2 and 5pm three days ago” etc. while e.g. the Energy dashboard does provide these “views” on sensor data, the best option for end users it to use SQL queries it seems.

Use case:

  1. Our solar inverter and smart meter only report totals of the solar production and the amount of energy fed into the grid. I’d like to have sensors that report yesterday’s production/feed-in, that of the last x days, the sum over the last week etc

  2. I have temperature sensors spread across the house. I’d like to similarly know what the average/max temperature was during the day/at night

Not sure what the best solution is for this but I could imagine some sort of filter could work (one could then create template sensors using these filters). Or, like the ha-average integration/component, if one could specific “start” and “end” separately.