Support for overriding the platform for some devices in SmartThings integration

The new SmartThings integration is great, enabling me to turn off both my Mosquitto and SmartThings MQTT Bridge containers. One thing that I lost in the transition was the ability to select which platform is most appropriate for each device.

For example, I have several Homeseer HS-WS200+ switches. When using MQTT, I was able to configure them to be lights instead of switches. Unfortunately, a switch will not respond to a lights on/off command when part of a group. I’m currently working around this using the Light Switch platform, but that leads to two entities for each HS-WS200, a light and a switch. I’d prefer to just have the light if possible.

Another example is the Homeseer HS-FC200+ fan controller. It shows up in the new SmartThings integration as a dimmable light. This means I get a dimmer slider in the UI instead of the fan speed list. I may be able to work around it with a fan template, but I think I’ll still end up with two entities for that device.

Thanks for considering this feature request.

Can you edit the device handler in SmartThings? I just accomplished something similar to what you are asking for. My bedroom ceiling fan is controlled by a Z-Wave GE switch. This was showing up in HA as a light. I edited the device handler and added the capability for “fanSpeed”. After restarting HA the ‘light’ became a ‘fan’ and presented the fan controls.