Support for playlist to stream music to Google cast

Hi, thank you all for this great tool and all the home automation options you already provide.
I would loke to ask for an extension of the media player to support playlist of music.

My home setup:

  • Google cast wifi loudspeaker (JBL something)

  • Synology-NAS with a music share

  • Home Assistant (docker) on a thinclient computer with Ubuntu Linux

  • I mounted the music share in the Linux system and provide it into the dockerized Home Assistant’s media folder

  • So nice, so good: I am now able to play a single music song/file from the media player and send it to the Google cast loudspeaker.

Feature request:
I would love now to be able to configure a full playlist with a set of songs to send it to the cast loudspeaker.

I don’t know if it requires a full recode of the music stream to be homogeneous with respect to the codec and bitrate settings etc. (?)
Or any other ideas?
I would like to avoid setting up another media player docker system just for the media streaming, and to be controlled via Home Assistant. Also, I am not aware of any other option to directly play my music from the NAS system to the Google cast loudspeaker.
Thank you, Martin