Support for RFLink Gateway

Cool, let me know if you encounter any issues or see features that could be added which are not already on the todo list.

Support for loading from configuration added. See pullrequest for details.

Phileep i am interested.
I have start some test yesterday using the rflink gateway.
I can receive a signal from a chacon switch.
It will be great to use the esp to do a mqtt bridge.
Your solution is biderectional?

Not yet bidirectional. I am primarily using to read climate sensors and pir.

Just need to setup a callback on the esp and confirm it transmits to the rflink then it should be able to transmit too.

Will have a try in the coming days and then post.

The neat thing is that I can update the esp8266 over the air so software updates are not too painful.

Ok guys, that seems to be an alternative, but I don’t have an esp8266 and can’t buy it in my country!

What I am wondering is just plug the Rflink on my Raspberry Pi HASS and have the same I have on Domoticz, or have the same we have using RFXTRX433.

Is it better ordering an esp8266 (from aliexpress it takes 3 months to arrive) or will it be possible a direct connection?

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I’m very interested in this as well. Seems to be a great alternative and in many ways, a much more universal solution!


I see you’ve got further than I did, I didn’t have time to write from scratch due to work commitments. My code is on github. I have a weather station and several switches if you want me to help you testing devices.

Thanks for your reply ,. I just receive today à bunch of esp from the postman

Your are everywhere :grinning:

You Can connecter the rflink via USB to your raspberry or to another linux computer and expose it trough ip.

But the mqtt bridge is an alternative

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What @keiser1080 said, you can connect directly using serial port or expose the port over network. Details are in my PR:

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This looks very promising, i’d love to use this - but I am a complete beginner so wouldn’t know where to start to implement this - I literally just have a blank home assistant instance running at the moment.

Don’t suppose anyone could provide me with some sort of instructions on how to get this working please?

Thank you.


Ok - I have put up my arduino code for RFLink to MQTT using ESP.

Open to suggestions

I have bi directional working!! But it is a little fickle

Code is slightly untidy, but receive has been working for me for over a week now

Very nice ! Coming from Domoticz this is what I was missing in HA. How do I install a beta component ?


Depending on your installation this will probably work best:

pip3 install --upgrade --user

If hass is installed globally you can skip the --user argument.

I used the AIO script to install HA on Jessie. Will the pip3 command work ?

I don’t know about the AIO script. Can you point me to it?

It’s here: my question is related to the virtualenv part.

In that case you should use the pip in the virtualenv:

/srv/hass/hass_venv/bin/pip3 install --upgrade --user

This command is just a guess, but i think it should work.

Thanks ! That worked minus the --user part. I see sensors in the logging, how do I add them ?


I currently maintain the documentation in the pullrequest description: