Support for Shelly timers (auto_on/auto_off)

I have installed several Shelly switches and often use the auto_off or auto_on timer function. This allows a switch to be activated or deactivated directly in the Shelly after a defined time.
It would be great if such a timer could also be queried in HA and used for automations or display on dashboards.

The API should be able to return the corresponding values such as timer_duration and timer_remaining.
Shelly API

I would also love to be able to set these auto_on / auto_off timers and have access to read out the status data like timer_started, timer_duration and timer_remaining from within HA.

I have used multiple shelly 1 for my autoamtic garden watering. And there you really should use “auto off” timers to prevent that the garden is under water when some command isn’t send.

This can also be used to specify the behaviour on connection loss.

Same for me.
I also use Shelly timers as a fail-safe function for my garden irrigation to prevent the pump from “missing” a STOP command from HA and thus emptying the water tank and having no water available while I am away (on vacation).
I find this solution really practical, that we can configure a timer in the hardware and it would be just as practical if we could make this setting available in HA and also display the live running time.

According to the Shelly documentation, a lot is possible, such as setting such a timer via a URL call.

Here is an example of setting an auto-off timer with 5 seconds:

But I hope for an integration of further functions directly in HA :slight_smile: