Support for Switchbot Blind Tilt

Today I have received my Switchbot Blind Tilt and was looking for support in Home Assistant but found out the Switchbot integration does not yet support this device.

The device simply works the same as the switchbot curtain, except is turns the shades on your blinds.
More information at SwitchBot Blind Tilt – SwitchBot EU

I don’t think Switchbot have even fixed their own REST API to support it properly yet, but it would be cool to have these little motors supported via bluetooth in Home Assistant. There are not many products that do venetian blind tilting, and the Switchbot one is probably the one that does it best and looks the best.
I use a couple with the Switchbot App, but my main blinds have SOMA tilt 2, which are ugly big boxes on the wall and remove manual control …

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I am quite certain this will be supported soon. I’m still scouring the web looking to see if anyone has been able to integrated them yet.

It’s not perfect, but the blind motor does integrate with SmartThings so I was able to get HA automation that way until the actual integration is ready.

i received mine as well.

hopefully we will see an updated integration very soon.

my plan is to use a shelly relay as passive? bluetooth antenna and integrate to home assistant

Their REST API has definitely been updated with the Blind Tilt on SwitchBotAPI. Let’s hope the integration will be updated soon.


The current integration works with bluetooth so we don’t have a cloud dependant integration and can do stuff locally. I believe this to be one of home-assistants great benefits. So no need for the API on switchbot or the switchbot hub. Just some esp32 bt devices with esphome :tada:

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Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I have a switchbot hub plugged in next to my ESP32 which just seems silly. Definitely looking forward to using Bluetooth Proxy to hopefully handle this in the future as well

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Maaaaybe I’m not understanding this. Ok, PROBABLY I’m not understanding this!

I’ve got a few of the Switchbot Blind Tilts. I also got a Switchbot hub mini. They’re in my Living Room.

My Home Assistant PC is in my basement.

I’ve got the Blind Tilts working ok with the Switchbot app. A bit noisy, but not bad, and they work fine.

I’m confused when it comes to HA integration/bluetooth/IR/Wifi.

I get that the Blind Tilts are not yet integrated with HA, but it seems like that’s coming.

I don’t understand how these are controlled now, how they WILL be controlled, is it that HA will control the Mini Hub which will control the Tilts, or will I toss the hub and HA will control all of the Tilts… Does it use Bluetooth (and will that reach from the basement?), or Wifi, or… If someone could dumb this way down for me I’d greatly appreciate it.

I believe it would get controlled using Bluetooth - Home Assistant

I bought some ESP32 boards and set one up in ESPHome as a Bluetooth proxy. When I try to add switchbot it says it can’t find anything. I assume it’s because the blinds aren’t supported yet?

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I’ve got three blind tilts and the hub mini. I currently have them connected to Google through the hub and I have the Google SDK set up on Home Assistant to be able to have HA give the text command to Google to activate the scene for open or closed.

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SO - Bluetooth. I’m guessing that my HA “in the basement” is too far for the blinds. And does HA control the BLINDS directly with bluetooth? Or does HA control the Hub Mini with bluetooth, and then THAT controls the blinds… Somehow. LOL See, I have LOTS of questions.

So - I’ve tried (though not in the past year) many times to do the SDK thing with Google, and the instructions I’ve followed have been so confusing (and in most cases, out of date which made it worse) that I’ve never had success. The instructions you linked to - I’ll give it a shot again tomorrow, maybe I’ll be lucky this time!

I stand here (ok, I SIT here) as a changed man. I made it through that whole process, through integration, and got: “Success”. Whew!

Here’s a new question, a how-to: In the Switchbot App, I have 5 miniblind Tilts (Blind Tilt 1, Blind Tilt 2, etc). I also have two scenes: “Open LIving Room Blinds” and “Close Living Room Blinds”. Those scenes open or close all five blinds.

So I can create an automation or script in HA, but what command do I type to get it to… work?

Do I just create an automation/script, and in “action” use “service: google_assistant_send_text_command” and then next line “data: command: Open Living Room Blinds”? Or do I have to do the blinds individually?

Im in the same boat. I had a spare esp32 lying around and no devices found when I tried to add them. I know the proxy is working since I’m getting flooded with ibeacon entities.

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do I have to do the blinds individually?

You would use the command that you normally tell google assistant to do. So if you have the blinds in your living room in google home you can say “open the blinds in the living room” and it should work.

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That… Did not work. “not set up” even though it IS set up.

So I created a script in HA named: “Open Living Room Blinds”

In that script, the action is: Google SDK: Send Text Command

and the text command is “Open Blind Tilt 1”

It worked! I said “Hey Google, open living room blinds” and it worked.

Now, how do I add onto that text command? I have 5 blind tilts. Do I separate with a comma and space: Open blind tilt 1, open blind tilt 2, open blind tilt 3, etc

Or comma no space "Open blind tilt 1,open blind tilt 2,open blind tilt 3

Or no comma or space? Or something else?

I have a scene created for open (“Open the blinds”) and a scene for closed ("Close the blinds) in the Switchbot app, like you. These scenes control all three of my blind tilts connected to the hub mini. My command in HA is “Activate open the blinds” and “Activate close the blinds”


WOO! That was it - scenes. THANK you!

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Some links for anyone who wants to track implementation progress in the Switchbot integration (local control over BT):