Support for the Philips Hue Smart Button

After some help from @azogue, I’ve created a PR to add support to the core for the Hue Smart Button.



Hi Dave, I notice this has been merged. Do you know if it made it into 0.114 at all?

0.114 is installed here but I still can‘t find the Smart Button.

It was not included in v0.114, so it will be in v0.115 (Sep 2). Maybe included in v0.114.3 with some luck :slight_smile:


Hi, any news? i just have updated today but the smart button still only have battery :frowning:

I got my hue button working in version 0.115

It’s now visible as a device

And also selectable in automations

The only odd thing is, it’s still only visible as a battery under Entities


i am running the latest core version of home assistant but my hue smart button isn’t a switch device. Its only shown as a battery sensor. I use the button over the conbee 2 stick (deconz). Deconze has full support for the smart button.

Hi Christopher. You are correct, but you can run automations as shown above.

I am really sorry, but I am very new, I was trying to get my hue button to work and came across this thread, I have now installed ssh, and HACS, but have no idea how I install the PR created by Clarkd, can anyone advice please.

You can create an automation and listen for the device. Just set your trigger as ‘device’ and select the button or dimmer.

thank you, but as it stands I can not get HA to see the button other than a battery as I don’t know how to install the PR created by Clarkd

You will only see battery, there is nothing wrong with that but in automations there will be new options for it. Just use device as the trigger and select your button or dimmer.

Thank you Solved

Hi, I’ve read your comment but I can’t use my smart button in trigger.

The smart button is detected in hue.

But, when I want to use it as a trigger, I can select only the battery level trigger. There is no “Turn on” option available…

My version of Home Assistant is : core-2021.10.6

Does anyone have any idea to solve my problem ?

Hey folks, hopefully a basic question: I see in screenshots in this thread that the Hue Smart Button is appearing as part of the “Phillips Hue” integration. Does this mean I should be pairing it to the Hue Hub first? Or can/should the button be integrated in some other fashion? E.g. direct Zigbee connection from the HA box? The downside of pairing with the Hue Hub is that I have to choose a Hue light to control. Ideally I want to control other things with it and not a Hue light. Please let me know if there’s a more appropriate place to ask. Thanks!

I can only answer on the hue hub from what I’ve set up - but you can configure via the hue app so that pressing the button does not do anything (i.e. not associated with a light or a room/zone etc.) . it appears in the app but you can then set up an automation device trigger for pressing the button in HA.

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Hi zlavock. I get 4 more options. I’m running core-2021.12.7. Maybe upgrade to the same version?

Hi Josh. You can pair the Hue Smart Button with your Hue Bridge or Zigbee dongle. It will then appear as device in either the Hue or ZHA hassio integration. I have two buttons, one configured in each. I did this to compare the response speed because I was disappointed with response via the Hue integration.

Do you have a broken Hue light or one you no longer use? You can try to assign your button to that. Initially I created a fake room without any lights and assigned my button to that. But it seems the latest version of the Hue app doesn’t allow this anymore.

Hi Did you get this resolved, i only se my as a battery state but not a button and help would be appreciated thank you

this should be closed as core Hue integration provides the Smart buttons directly