Support for the Philips Hue Smart Button

The Hue Smart Button only shows as a battery sensor, and is not available as a trigger device in automations like the Hue Dimmer Switch.

Is it possible to get them working like the dimmer switch? I’ve seen it might be possible to use the EventSensor CC but would be great to have this supported natively.


After some help from @azogue, I’ve created a PR to add support to the core for the Hue Smart Button.


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Hi Dave, I notice this has been merged. Do you know if it made it into 0.114 at all?

0.114 is installed here but I still can‘t find the Smart Button.

It was not included in v0.114, so it will be in v0.115 (Sep 2). Maybe included in v0.114.3 with some luck :slight_smile: