Support for the Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui 9290019202 Smart Bedside Lamp

Support for this nice, high quality bedside lamp would be nice!

The light:
The Xiaomi PHILIPS ZhiRui Smart Bedside Lamp has many lighting configurations and using the smartphone app, enables lighting scenes to truly transform your bedroom environment. And the mic-enabled color cycling and pulsing beat colors make it a lot of fun in a kid’s room.

Out of the box, the Xiaomi is pretty easy to use, just plug it in and use the top button to change colors and spin the cylinder to make it brighter or dimmer. But once you connect the bedside lamp to the app, the lamp becomes much smarter.


Support in Home Assistant for other Xiaomi Philips Lights:
Other smart Xiaomi Philips lights are already supported by Home Assistant:

I hope this nice bedside lamp could be added to this list!

@MarsWarrior Do you own the device and could you provide the model name / mDNS name of the device? If it’s philips.light.moonlight the device is already supported.

Nope. Don’t own the device yet, so can’t say if it is a known device.

Looking in the issue list of Home Assistant, if found this entry:

So I assume it is not yet supported, as it is also not listed for the Home Assistant component.

In this case the device is supported already:

@AsWaM Ping!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :relaxed:

I looked everywhere, including Github, but as I couldn’t find the exact modelnumber, I didn’t find yours :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If @AsWaM can report that everything is working nicely, I buy the lamp.
And maybe the documentation of Home Assistant could use a small update :grinning: where this light is mentioned as supported!

Is there any chance of supporting color change in this lamp?

The custom component has color supported already:

If python-miio 0.4.5 is released I will update the official HA component.

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@syssi thanks you!

I have download & extract this file: into


In home-assistant.log i can see

 "You are using a custom component for light.xiaomi_miio..."

In configuration.yaml i have:

  - platform: xiaomi_miio
    name: "Desk Lamp"
    host: 192.168.....
    token: f97....888f7f3ff9a5
    model: philips.light.zyceiling

In UI there is no color option.
What am I doing wrong?

Please remove this line and restart HA.

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Now all work fine! Thanks you!

It would be great to add support to night mode scene also!

I just noticed this discussion, maybe I should have put my question here…

@lolouk44 Each miio device has an individual token.

Yeah figured this out. What threw me a bit is I didn’t realise the token changed each time I pair the bulb with the mi home app
All sorted and working now thanks