Support for Tidal Music - Want to playback music playlists/songs directly from HA

Are there any chances of getting Tidal Music to work in Home Assistant?

Have the app and also my Pioneer reciever supports Tidal streaming and works fine in HA.

Have found these API wrappers(hence Tidal API apparently is not public)

Google music is not supported in Denmark, and similar 16$/month for Spotify is way more expensive than my Tidal sub for my personal usage.

Up up up.

Google Play Music support is coming to an end so there’s a large crowd moving to TIDAL and there’s still no custom component.

For TIDAL I’ve seen support everywhere:
There’s apps in Android like USB Audio Player Pro.
There’s desktop apps like Yaronzz TDM, Roon, Audirvana, etc.
There’s online services like Soundizz, TuneMyMusic and so on that also work with TIDAL.

So I am guessing they have an API that can be used for the custom component.

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In order to get Tidal work on HA, here is an easy way that you could try. You could find the tool windows Tidal Music Converter on the web and use it to convert Tidal music for offline using. Then you can move Tidal music to HA for using with ease.

Up to now, there is no integration between Tidal and Home Assistant. If you’d like to make them work together, please use another third-party tool, like Tidal Music Converter, which can download Tidal songs to be compatible with any players, devices, smart speakers, etc.
After that, you can play music and playlists on Tidal directly from HA.

no, that’s not what we want.

no, that’s not what we want. Not sure why this is a difficult concept? Raspi sd card + 1tb of music choices. Do some math here. How many songs could fit onto my sd card? Now, if I’m playing music from the sd card, how long is that sd card gonna last before it craps out?

Get a clue you two.