Support for TP-Link Deco M9 Router Integration

Is there any way to integrate tp links deco m9 router into hassio?
I have looked over Internet but couldn’t find any relevant info.
If not how do one request /build this?
Thanks in advance

It’s not discovered using the UPNP integration? My M5 was.

You may need to enable UPNP on the router side.


Thanks for your reply,
The Deco M9 Plus doesn’t seem to have

I also have the Deco M9 router a new firmware update has been released that now allows for you to switch UPNP off and on again. Homeassitant discovered my router straight away after adding upnp: to my config file.

What is the firmware version which is released?

I see 1.2.10Build 20190809 Rel 54285

I’m currently running;

Home Assistant Core 0.110.2
version 0.109.6

hope this helps

Thanks, but can you confirm the firmware version of deco m9?
I tried the upnp config and it worked for sometime and now it’s not picking any of my decos.

Sorry current firmware version is 1.4.0 Build 20200324 Rel. 51287

Hi, the new beta release?

Surprisingly I am still at 1.2.10Build 20190809 Rel 54285, and i dont see any updates when I manually try to update the decos. how did you get the firmware?