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Support for TP-Link KP200 WiFi Power Outlet, 2-Sockets


TP-Link has added a smart power outlet to their lineup.

It replaces an existing outlet, communicates by WiFi and allows separate control of each of the two sockets. It provides a much cleaner installation than add-on plugs and support for it would be a great addition to the TP-Link line of devices.

It currently shows up as a KP200 with the name TP-LINK_Smart Plug_4C5C in the TP-Link Integration panel but only shows a control slider for one outlet. The slider always indicates “Off” even when the socket is on. Attempting to change the state will briefly indicate “On” then return to “Off.”

Product Page is at: https://www.kasasmart.com/us/products/smart-plugs/kasa-smart-wifi-power-outlet-kp200