Support for Velbus Home Automation


They seem to have mentioned it in the changelog… Too bad, homeassistant looked very promising.


Currently we support:

  • all relays
  • all glass panels (everything except the thermostats, this is WIP)
  • all modules with a temperature sensor in it (except the weather station)
  • vmb6in
  • vmb7in including the counters (in the next week this will be in)
  • vmb*pbn modules

if you need something else let me know, we can add it


Also this is all auto-dicoverd, so no config needed (except for the port)


And the thermostat function are the most important


I don’t have any vmbdmi devices to tests, so implementing this can be hard.

The thermostats are next on my todo list (once the vmb7in is finished)


Tell me what you need to make this happen


BTW is there a way to connect to a velserv server? Instead of using the port using a network address on which the velserv runs? This adds flexibility in using velbus by other devices.


yes (i’m using it this way)

port: ‘’

for the vmbdmi, what messages should be implemented to get this working? (vmbdmi protocol

  • dimmer switch status
  • dimmer slider status
  • dimmer status
  • Set dim value

anything else?


yes thats right. I have a vpn ready with velserv if you want


Ok, once my counters are in, i’ll start working on the dimmers first then


I tried to connect an ip velserv server but that doesnt seem to work. I get an error with the velbus configuration. The syntax in the config file is correct
port = ‘’


euhm, it is velbus: not =


also make sure your python-velbus is a recent version


yes its : got it
strange thing is I have the same issue now with zwave…

Can this be a syntax error or a copy paste error?

Where do I get the most recent velbus python file


are you running the dev branch? or the release version?


Tried both. Where can i get the latest python velbus and where do i replace it?


latest dev branch has latest python-velbus, but make sure to rerun from HA after updating


Hi Cereal2nd,
For Linux devices it doesn’t work starting from 0.7x
The validation gives no error, but after restart home assistant reports it can’t set up Velbus component.

port: ‘/dev/ttyACM0’

Doesn’t work anymore. As the velserv is much more expensive than the VMBUSB, i can’t easilly switch to that.
Any idea what might be the problem?


Hi BTC, probably it is just a change of interface that is causing you trouble. Have you checked that ACM0 is still valid for your setup/boot? As far as I know the USB connection should still work as before.

Also velserv is not the expensive solution with an extra component but available for free, check:


I use this one

It a verry simple c-interface and does not have all the extra stuff like the one from StefCoene