Support group 0 = all lights for speed and reliability in hue integration

Hi all,

I’ve lots of hue lights in my bridge and it the hass integration is great. However, I have some reliability issues when trying to implement a “main switch”. When turning off all lights in the evening it almost always leave a light on somewhere. I’ve tried to rearrange my groups to reduce the amount of commands sent to the hue bridge but in the end it will not be completely realiable. If I remove a couple of rooms it will work much better.

Then I fiddled a bit in the “Hue Essentials” app and realized that turning off all lights in a bridge is extremely reliable and quick. Then I found this that claims that all lights is the group 0:

So my suggestion would be that the all lights group 0 should be mapped in home assistant. Maybe to “light.[bridgename]”. This way I could finally get my main switch to work reliable. Now I will try some sleep automation and see if I succeed…

Thank you developers for the great hass!


I ditched the hue hub a long time ago and replaced it with a ConBee stick, best decision ever :sunglasses: can highly recommend it. I have “only” 13 hue bulbs, but they all turn off immediately without any delays.

In the hue app, can a light be in multiple rooms? If so I would try to create a room containing all lights and the just use this group.

Oh and btw, you can vote for your own feature request :wink:

Ok, I’ll see if I end up with a conbee stick. I’ve just gone from one hue bridge to two because I ran inte to the 63 light limit. I suspect that things will work better if I even out the number of lights in my two bridges.

With the “hue essentials” app you can you can put lights in multiple groups. There was something called zones as well I saw now. The official app does not support groups anymore I think. Previously I had a group with everything in it and maybe I should try this again. I do not remember this being as fast as the builtin all group 0 though…

Maybe I should vote for my own request while at it :slight_smile:

I created an “all” zone on both my bridges. At first it left some lights on when turning off but after a while it seems to work ok. By only putting these two “light groups” in my hass all group at least fewer commands will be sent to the bridges. I will loose my nice hierarchy of hass groups though.

I’ll see how it works in the evening though; using “group 0” still reacts quicker and does not hesitate as much so this request is still valid. I think it uses some other way of addressing the lights or something.

In the current hue app you can create a zone and place what ever lights in this zone. You can have as many zones as you like and place the same bulbs in multiple zones as well.

However the zones don’t appear to get sent to HA.

With google assistant and or google home, I am able to say “turn off all lights” as a request to hue via the google / hue integration in google.

So in Home assistant I use the assistant relay addon and request a relay to google to say turn off all lights, although there may be a split second delay in requesting the relay once google passes it to hue the response from hue is of course instant, we have I think 54 bulbs.