Support host names in `http.trusted_proxies` setting

Hi, I recently decided to switch to the SWAG stack for managing certificates and reverse-proxying services beyond Home Assistant itself and so far I’m loving it:
Setup was a breeze and the new configuration is much simpler than manually juggling docker-compose images for letsencrypt and homeassistant with volume mounting for cert sharing, etc.

One slight issue I experienced was that Home Assistant expects IPs or Subnet specs in http.trusted_proxies config entry and chokes if I try to provide a hostname for the SWAG docker service.

Googling for 5 minutes how to dynamically acquire the exact subnet spec within the docker-compose.yaml didn’t give any results so I’m going to say that this isn’t obvious. In the end I ended up specifying an unnecessarily permissive entry in my config where it could just have been swag, the service name of the SWAG container.

Would it be possible to add hostname support to http.trusted_proxies setting? I think generally speaking it makes sense to also support host names where IPs and subnet specs are accepted.


I support that. Using IP or IP-ranges makes you end up with giving access to too much IPs.

any update on this?