Support numeric state for conditional card in Lovelace

Lovelace has a conditional card which can show cards when the state of an entity is equal or not equal to a certain string.

I would like to also be able to check against numerical values, so if a state is smaller or bigger than a numerical value. I would like to use this to display a warning markdown card.

For instance, a warning when my NAS HDD space is low. I can to this with persistent notifications, but would like to show a markdown card in lovelace.

+1, any update on this ? I need conditional card with lower or higher than too.

+1 can’t believe this hasn’t been implemented

Best example which everyone could relate to is: Show a card if my battery is < a percentage

Having to create a binary_sensor for each battery is complete overkill.

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I think the auto-entities card is better for this purpose.

Nice, I do you custom cards so I will take a look.

However, for straight forward “out of the box” functionality, this should be pretty standard.

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@Corneloues - Did you happen to develop this custom card?

Sorry for the late reply. No, I haven’t developed any custom cards…

It puzzles me that there isen’t a unified syntax for conditions. The entity-filter card has a syntax for mathematical conditions. Why it’ens it the same for conditional cards?
Some alignment would be nice here - and maybe reuse?!

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Conditional card is basically very downsized. Has such a potential, e. g. by allowing other logical conditions (like OR which would greatly enhance the usage scenario for that card!). Hope this will be picked during this “2022 year of streamlining user experience” if I got that slogan right.


I also waiting for this to be implemented. It would make averything easier.

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+1 here, i’d love to have it. No news?
My use case is showing the thermostat of Nest (my case only for heat) or A/C thermostat depending of outside temperature sensor… above something for example
For now I do it with the Season integration… but i’d love to have > and < to do more stuff


+1 here aswell.
for my use case i do a workaround with mushroom template card since i for the moment was after changing color of icon depending on a temperature sensor. but sure would be handy being able to do it in a conditional card instead.

How about another bump. This would be great for battery warnings, IE pop up the battery button if a battery is below 20% instead if it is at 20% but only for a limited time…

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Looking at the release candidate notes, it looks like this feature is finally supported :slight_smile:
2023.11 TODO: Release title - Home Assistant (

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