Support Rademacher Rollotron 1213 dect with AVM FRITZ!SmartHome

Hello boys and girls,

Would it be possible to implement the support of Rademacher Rollotron 1213 dect in AVM FRITZ! SmartHome Addon?

I have integrated two Rademacher Rollotron DECT 1213 into HA via Fritz! Box 7590 FW 7.27 and AVM FRITZ!SmartHome. Two devices and two entities are also recognized. Only I cannot use it. It is always indicated that the blinds are closed, regardless of whether they are closed or open.

Does anyone have any experience with that?

I would also like to create an automation with Astro, but I am missing entities like “Close” / “Open”.

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According to the documentation it (blinds) does not look like it is supported.
It Looks like Binary Sensor, Climate, Sensor and Switches are only supported

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I would really appreciate an integration. Implementation should be possible, it’s already working with openHAB and ioBroker.


I second that!

Although I got it working by using the node-red fritz api module and the flow from here: Elektrischer Gurtwickler? - Seite 3 - HomeMatic-Forum / FHZ-Forum

which establishes a blinds device in redmatic homekit which then gets recognized by home assistant (and apple homekit/siri).

This should also work with Alexa or Google in a similar way.

But I must confess that this is a rather complicated setup just to move some window covers.

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Remember my post above?

I don’t really like nodered and I only installed it for the rollers. But I found a better solution for me:

Installing a docker container of homebridge with only the Homebridge Fritz Platform Plugin, configured with my Roller AINs in Smart Home did the trick too.

Homebridge then gets integrated as Homekit Controller and provides its devices to Home Assistant, Homekit/Siri gets them from Home Assistant and that’s it: Rollers can be controlled by Home Assistant and Siri.

But I really think this should be integrated natively which would make homebridge obsolete in this scenario.


Thank you for sharing your experiences here!
I have now also ordered a Rollotron Dect, it is on its way :slight_smile:
To prepare as much as possible already:
I’ve installed HomeBridge in Docker as well, and it was directly recognized in Home Assistant :+1:
In the Fritz-Platform-Plugin … What do I have to select for the Accessory Type of the device - still Blind, as in your earlier mentioned node-red Module?
And do you have any recommendations for a nicely operable Frontend once the Rollotron is integrated? Or how do you control your Rollotron via your Lovelace? :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance and (hopefully) happy christmas holiday!

EDIT - NVM, answered myself - of course, it has to be a Blind … then it will be recognized in HA as cover :ok_hand: working perfectly, easy Solution. As Frontend I use the Shutter Card
But if our Fritz!SmartHome-Integration would recognize it directly as such, it would be still easier, and we don’t need to run another docker/VM :smiley: maybe, one day …

Sorry, missed the reply. But you already found it yourself. On lovelace I also use Shutter Card, most of the time, it is only an automation which controls the covers - or I just use Siri :wink:

But it would be really nice if we could get rid of the extra docker/VM in 2022

Would be interested in a direct solution as well. Seems to be exactly the same with the Becker BoxCTRL shutters communicating with the FritzBox via DECT… Will try your HomeBridge solution!

Works as well with Becker BoxCTRL shutters. Thank yout! :slight_smile:
Did you manage to have a “stop” button? Mine solely shows open and close…

You can use the “Mushroom Cover Card” to at least have a slider to select the position. It’s not a stop button but close enough

My Rademacher will arrive in a few minutes. Where is the problem to implement it in the official AVM Smarthome integration?

Good question - if the dev not interested in it……

Cool ….

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