Support Rhasspy 3 as a Voice Assistant, including remote instances

Currently I run Rhasspy on a different computer and have been experimenting with Piper and Whisper using Rhasspy 3 (still a dev preview). I like the ability to be able to run these more expensive things on a different computer - the Rasp Pi is just not powerful enough to run the larger ASR/TTS models (I have a Home Assistant Yellow BTW), and also my own LLMs, but I still like using the Rasp Pi for the core system for updates, radios, etc. I also use that second computer for Frigate…

Anyway - I would like to be able to explictly configure Rhasspy as an option for a Voice Assistant, including remote execution (e.g. by configuring the hostname for the Rhasspy instance I want to use).

BTW, right now when I run Rhasspy 3 I CAN control things in Home Assistant but only if I disable OpenAI. If I enable the OpenAI integration it sends conversations to/from ChatGPT regardless of what I have configured under Voice Assistants. Which is amusing, but not what I want.

Will follow this with interest!