Support roller shutter mode in Shelly (cover platform)

Recently @balloob and @Bieniu added official Shelly integration :tada:
It supports switch, light, and sensor platforms, but is missing the cover platform.
For most of us, the main usage of Shelly 2.5 is to control a roller shutter.

Please consider adding support for that platform as well.

Patience my friend. This is a very early stage in the development of this integration. It will come time for the cover platform.

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I’ve created this FR so it won’t get lost :smiley:
I’m mostly using Shelly 2.5 in roller shutter mode + some Shelly 1 + Temp addon’s, H&T, and some Duo bulbs, so I’ll try this Integration when the beta will be available.

Pozdrawiam :slight_smile:

Testing is very important now because there are a lot of Shelly models and they can be used in many ways. You can use this integration as a custom component now if you want to :wink:

I hope I’ll have some free time today, so I can hive it a try on my test environment.
If I find something I’ll report it in core repo.
The one thing that puzzles me is the availability of H&T on battery, but I guess I must give it a try to find out.

For now, battery-powered devices are available until they go to sleep.
Shelly device can’t be password protected to works with this integration (PR that fix that issue is during the review).

Hmm…that will produce invalid info in HA. The battery-powered devices only report values when they change (you specify the threshold) or after a user defined period, but if they will show as unavailable then it will look weird in HA.
According to the docs ( we can set Send Status Period (in hours). So if the device didn’t report after that time it should become unavailable.
The last_status_update_time should be stored (and it should survive a restart). So after a restart, if the time is before next status update, the device should show as available.
Not sure it this is currently possible by the integration and by the library, but I think it would be useful like that.
If this setting (Send Status Period) is send in CoAP then maybe is could be used?
But there is one issue that might be a blocker: What the heck is with the 'latest state change' not being kept after restart?

I’m aware of that :slight_smile: I track this integration development :rocket:

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thanks for the update. Really looking forward to this.
I’ll try to add color temperature to light platform based on ShellyForHASS.
I have Shelly Duo bulbs and currently this isn’t supported in the new integration.

Implemented in

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