Support Setpersonshome and Setpersonsaway for Netatmo Welcom

Is there any chance that the Netatmo component could support Setpersonshome and Setpersonsaway as services for the Welcome camera?
Thanks a lot.

Should be doable. I’ll put that on my list.


It’s implemented upstream (needs to be reviewed and merged).

Once that is done I’ll expose it in HA.

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Hey, any news on this? I saw that the PR was merged, but haven’t seen anything on HA side.
Would be awesome to get it :slight_smile:

No, not yet. This is still on my list. Maybe January.

Ok, no pressure, I totally understand this is no priority. I wonder whether having sensors for registered people is also an option? I may try to have a look at that.

I also thought about this. Having the registered persons exposed as device trackers.

This is implemented in 0.114.

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