Support vlow fan mode in CoolMasterNet integration

I use the CoolMasterNet integration by @OnFreund, and overall it works great.

However one of my connected HVAC systems supports the CoolMaster fan mode called “vlow” (very low / quiet). The integration currently only supports:

FAN_MODES = [“low”, “med”, “high”, “auto”]

(line 34 of homeassistant/components/coolmaster/

So while I can set the vlow fan speed by using the hardware control panel, it doesn’t show up in HA, nor can I set that fan speed from within HA.

My request is to add a “vlow” fan mode to the existing set. From the CoolMaster Hub docs I can see it also supports a “top” fan mode, even though none of my HVAC systems use it. But maybe adding both “vlow” and “top” fan modes would help someone else too and cover the full range of what CoolMaster can support.