Supported devices (GLEDOPTO GL-B-008Z) in Zigbee2MQTT seen as "Undefined"

I try to add 2 GL-B-008Z bulbs from GLEDOPTO in Zigbee2MQTT.

They should be working, but I get the message:

warn: Device with modelID ‘undefined’ is not supported.
warn: Please see:

They are known devices in ZIgbee2MQTT.

Can I add the modelID manuel?? is there a solution? Do I do something wrong?

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I found this spanish review with the solution to this problem:

They say that you can edit database.db file to add some values to the correct place.

My problem is that my model is detected as “GL-B-008ZS” and not as “GL-B-008Z”. I edited the file to change that, and then is recognized, but if I unplug my lamp for some reason and plug it again, the bulb is rediscovered as “GL-B-008ZS” and device is not recognized again and I have to edit manualy the .db file again.

The similar instructions are found in specific model under supported devices page:


I went back to ZHA for my Zigbee devices.
It is a lot quicker in the response and it works great now (version 0.100.3)

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