Supported Wifi Modules

I have 3 odroid N2+ configured HA controllers.
Each built from ordering parts from Hardkernel at different times.

I uprgaded from 2024.01.?? to 2024.02.1
A controller that has a Wifi Module 5A works fine.
A controller that has a Wif Module 5B does not work properly.
If I do a

nmcli dev wifi

I get a list of SSIDs … but it will not connect to any of them.
I do see the following in the log file: (From the serial port)

[ 8.157111] rtw_8821cu 1-1.4:1.2: failed to download firmware

If I install a Wifi Module 5A, it works fine.

A minor issue with 24.02.1 is that there is mismatch between the version of nmcli and NetworkManager.