Supporting more current condition types in the Weather integration

Has there been consideration given to changing/expanding the set of possible weather conditions defined by the core weather integration (documented here)? There are a few not-so-rare conditions missing from the current list (such as Smoke, as many of us near the US west coast unfortunately see in our weather apps a lot these days) and right now the various weather provider add-ons are forced to map it to options like “Cloudy” (OpenWeatherMap is doing this) or “Exceptional” (NWS is doing this), neither of which is very useful or consistent with other weather providers in my life.

For example, see this list of all the different National Weather Service conditions that currently get mapped as “Exceptional” because of the constraints of the current list:

        "Hurricane conditions",
        "Tropical storm conditions",

(On that note, it might be worth re-examining the localization of “Exceptional” as a general catch-all for unknown weather conditions. As an engineer the use of the word makes sense, but in everyday U.S. English “exceptional” means something closer to “really great”, i.e. the opposite of what HA is trying to convey when it appears.)