Supporting naturally the Meter-Bus (M-Bus)-protocol

I am completely new in HA and in the forum. I don’t have a HA-installation yet and I want to start with an Intel NUC soon. But I am still thinking about whether I actually use HA because HA is not supporting the Meter-Bus (M-Bus)-protocol. I have only read that HA, among other things, supports the Modbus protocol.
I would like to realize the following first steps.
1.) Integration of 4 heat meters that are connected to a gateway via RS485-Modbus/RTU, which then converts the protocol to Modbus/TCP. This thing HA should realize out of the box.
2.) Integration of 10 water and electricity meters that are available above wired Meter-Bus. So far I have not found a solution here.

a.) A solution would be to convert M-Bus to Modbus/TCP via a corresponding rail-mount-device. But this solution is very expensive (here: industrial-e-elecontrollo/gateway-router-modem/gateway-m-bus -Bus/)
b.) Another solution would be to use a level converter that implements the M-Bus in USB or TCP. But then HA would have to work as a M-Bus master.

My question is. Will Home Assistant naturally support the M-Bus protocol in the future?
What other solutions there would be for M-Bus integration. What I don’t want is a craft solution with Hacks. It should work out of the box and be supported by HA.


HA does not directly support the MBUS because their is not standard interface for MBUS to a protocol that HA understand directly.
There are several interfaces to MBUS implementations that convert to MQTT and HA is pretty well integrated with MQTT, so look for a way to get your MBUS data over to MQTT, then everything will suddenly work out.

Thanks Wally,
i Looked already to such gateways which convert the m-Bus-protocol to MQTT. But this devices are also very expensive → 200 € ( ). I’m afraid, that I don’t get the solution cheaper.

Ready-made solutions are probably expensive.
Try to look for DIY solutions instead.
Like Hacky integration for M-Bus

Unfortunately I can’t understand the hacky-DIY-solution given. I don’t know what hardware I have to use for input the meter-bus…
Because, a meter-bus needs 24-38 Volt for connecting the meters. This have to bring the hardware.