Sure petcare issues with 2021.05

Lately the sure petcare integration has been a nightmare.

I noticed with HA 2021.05 it said all I need is my username and password in the configuration, no longer any need to list flaps etc as they’re auto discovered.

Well since the upgrade HA has a connectivity boolean for the flap… a battery level for the flap… and a sensor for the flap… the problem is the sensor is classified as “restored” and is constantly offline… what am I to do about that?

actually now I’m asking the question why am I bothered… just what is that sensor meant to do? the trackers for my cats which I use to determine if they’re in or out are still working so I guess there is no problem per-say

spoke too soon… seems the boolean sensors for my cats are not updating when the cats leave and arrive sheesh

I see the same issue: no updates after adding the recently-revised component.