Surepetcare configurable polling interval

I would like to be able to configure the polling interval so that the integration is more useful for an automation I have. It just toggles a light when the cat is in/out. The current 3 minutes is quite long.

Hi there, you can define a custom polling interval using an automation as described in this document: Common tasks - installation independent - Home Assistant

Please be prudent when polling the cloud service, as polling too often may cause problems on the cloud servers. It may also direct unwanted attention from Sure Petcare to your IP address, or Home Assistant in general.

Hi, yes this is a good point.
Think it was maybe a year ago or less that third party integrations was banned by Surepet and their cloud services. I think the current polling time is because of that?
So be careful so they wont ban us all again.

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Yeah you’re right, Sure Petcare did temporarily block all third party clients in May/June last year as reported in this issue. SP hasn’t been interested in working with the developer of the integration.

Think i will email them and kindly ask how they see that this will work in the future and if they might consider a local api for third party integrations.
I know several others have asked them, but with many with the same question they might reconsider building it, even it they said they won’t.
Won’t hurt asking as long as it is kindly asked :slight_smile:

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True, I asked them about it a few years ago. Worth a shot for sure!

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