Surf or Marine Forecast

Hi all,
I currently use Wunderground to fetch weather info, thing is marine or surf forecast would be pretty cool aswell. There’s a really well established site that I use called for these forecasts. Here is a link to their developer API signup page:
Would there be any barriers to adding this as a HA component?
Think of the automation… :wink: API says Brilliant surf -> Sends notification to manager -> Please note, HASurfer is not coming to work today, due to (Call “Excuses.csv”[Randomise]) -> Reschedule tasks and events -> Send alert “Go Paddle” to HASurfer
Your thoughts…


Wunderground should be deprecated as it no more allows free APIs.
Most use OpenWeatherMap and DarkSky these days for weather.
Worldtides can give data about tides worldwide, but info is very limited.
MagicSeaweed would be great and it is in the works as can be seen on Github
Using scrape sensors on sites like has also been tried with some success.

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I’m scraping tidesforfishing to get some data to control my fishtanks. You can search through the sensor YAML on my github backup. It’s unfortunate the data doesn’t link directly to an API but their css hasn’t changed in the year I’ve been using it, so scrape has been working well.

Basic sensor config is as follows:

- platform: scrape
  select: "#amanecer_anochecer_datos_salida_sol div.amanecer_anochecer_datos_salida_puesta_sol2"
  name: ReefSunrise
  scan_interval: 7200
  value_template: '{{ (value.split(" h")[0]) }}'