Surveillance Station cameras feeds are delayed

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I am using the Synology integration to get my camera feeds into HA, which works. I can see all cameras, their states and even a live feed.

However I have noticed the live feeds are either delayed or frozen. I don’t actually view my streams through HA so that’s not a huge issue, my problem though is that I use HA on my iOS device to get Camera stills (via the Shortcuts app) and these aren’t the most real time because of this (sometimes brings back stills from 2+ hours ago).

How can I force the cameras to be updated more often? or at least when I query them get my the latest image?

Are you using the live feed from the camera or a stream from the synology. What hardware is home assistant running on?

I gave up on streaming video and just set up generic still image cameras. I found the live streams would be delayed by a ridiculous amount (even using an i7) or crash my whole home assistant server.

I am using the streams from Synology as opposed to directly from the cameras (Trendnet IP310’s)

HA is running on a Rasperry Pi4.

This was also my thoughts, I think I might try and dig up the image urls directly from the camera’s and use those instead. Is there any docs on how to setup cameras but only as still images?

I would try to cut out the synology and grab the live stream from the camera. I have a purpose built sever that runs on a j4105 and have no problem running 4 streams in the UI. The hardware you are viewing on also makes a big difference. I have a fire 7 tablet that can’t show streams, but I also have an hd10 that can show all 4. My phone a Samsung s10 had no problems.

It depends on your camera model but the generic ip camera with still image URL option set up serves up an image every 10 seconds or so In the card and every second in the more info pop up.

HI @ihavenoidea take a look to my yesterday replay in another post,

Change streaming channels or low streaming resolution

Let me know if it works