Survey IT privacy and security

Hi guys, we are doing a survey in IT privacy and security and we want to analyze the user perception of privacy concerns in smart home. It will only take 5-10 min to fill out the survey 🙂 i would be very thankful if you could take part and help us to get as many responses as possible. Thank you!

spam and reported ! no infos about who is organising that survey ? how data used ? …


true. This is a seminar work at the Humboldt-University Berlin. Responses are anonym and are deleted after we finish our paper. The collected data wont we stored after that or used by other parties.

Honestly, this comes up every few months, already a few times from the HU Berlin, but it gets more sloppy every time.

Does one of you honestly expect people to answer questions, for free, on their own time, just to make your Prof happy? :wink: You could at least take the time and do a nice little write-up, what your survey is about, who you are and for what exactly the data is used and how you handle data security. The data protection statement from the HU isn’t even mentioning surveys from students… :open_mouth:

Not to mention that the experience with people asking for a survey varies largely. It would be kind of nice, to get some results from a survey one took part in, or at least some finishing words how the survey went, thanking people for their participation and such things.

Take an educated guess how many surveys from the last months did bother to say thanks after finishing? :slight_smile: Yeah, that zero didn’t come unexpected.

I for one am all for education and am willing to take my free time to answer questions, especially if it is for students or pupils, but the experience from the past aren’t really motivating to do another one. Especially when they don’t met any kind of expectations regarding to be valued as a participant. The knowledge you can find here, is unpayable, especially for science in any way, and I personally think, it should be more valued, eg. to at least share the results for others. :slight_smile:

Just my two cents… :slight_smile:


You are from eu. When you use this kind of data colletion from a private individualas you should do it by the GDPR rules as it’s part of EU law.
You should get familiar with it as you are probably some student.
Abusing of a private data is strictly forbiden in eu by the Gdpr.
Smart homes are definitely great platform for data collection as lot companies use cloud service collecting informations from users.
In my opinion it’s just a matter of time when someone will start asking question so to say.

Last time I answered one of these I spent about 15 min on it and only right at the end was it made clear that they wanted responses from the US.

Edit: And having filled it in, I’m not impressed. Multiple choice questions are rubbish anyway, but they have completely failed to grasp that most people tinker with smart home systems because it’s fun.

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Well, if you are bored, fill it in again, its not protected at all.
I always choose all “Disagree strongly”