Swan Smart Kettle

Hi all,

I just bought the Swan Smart Kettle in the UK and was wondering if it’s possible to integrate it in Home Assistant?

Swan Alexa Smart Kettle, Amazon Exclusive, LED Touch Display, Keep Warm Function, Stainless Steel Insulated Wall, 1800W, Black, SK14650BLKN https://amzn.eu/d/gNRKUmH


How have you ended up using the Swan Smart Kettle? I was checking it out myself. Have you found a way round to connected it with HA? Cheers.

I created ON/OFF Alexa routines and trigger them via Home Assistant. I’d love to have a state sensor and tried to query the device state with the Alexa Remote integration in Node Red but it’s not very reliable.

I don’t think there is an official or custom integration yet unfortunately and the device doesn’t get passed in the Alexa Media Player integration yet either. Soon maybe, who knows!

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Hi, I don’t own any Alexa physical devices but I want to control this kettle via HA. Would I need to own a physical kettle or is that not necessary? Thanks!

You don’t need to have an Amazon Echo to control the Kettle on HA if that’s what you mean.

The Kettle can added in the Alexa app and then you can create Alexa routines you can trigger on HA

Thanks, I was alarmed because this review specifically says

  • Needs Alexa smart speaker for connected features

But it’s simple to set up – as long as you have an Alexa smart speaker that’s already in use. If not, you’ll need to sort that out first to use all the features of the kettle.

But you’re saying that’s not true? I’ll go with you!

Ah I might be wrong then sorry! I have 7 Echos in the house so didn’t test without.

Best would be to give Amazon a ring to confirm if you do need an Echo for it to work. If you do I’m sure you could grab a cheap one on eBay or Prime Day is also coming up soon, they’re probably going to be on offer.

ah right - thanks - yeah it’s a conscious decision NOT to have echos in the house.

I went with a Breville in the end. Might see if I can hack it in the future with something like a Shelly Uni. We’ll see!! :slight_smile:

Bought one, I can confirm you do not need any other Amazon device (I used Google home in my house).
But not having this integrated into HA is a pain… The only way to control this remotely or check status or temp is through the Amazon Alex app on my phone.

If anyone has managed to intergates I’d love to head how