Swann Camera

Anyone knows if a Swann home cam can be set up on Hassio? I sold my Arlo and got a wired swann cam and now that I set up my homeassistant, I am trying to connect my cam.

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did you have any luck with this project? I’m attempting the same thing

No still no help.

Some Swann DVR and NVR models support RTSP.

You can connect to that stream. This may help https://www.reddit.com/r/homeassistant/comments/7kwfo5/rtsp_camera_ffmpeg/

I have a Swann 4750 pro and there is no RTSP function on my camera.

My DVR is the 4890 series, the image is from its manual.

Have you checked with Swann to see if there is a firmware update for your DVR?

Yes I did check their website but there wasn’t any update available.

has anyone got a RSTP working in hass.io?

If you still haven’t been able to configure them, you might wanna check this entry Swann DVR CCTV systems and HA
I followed their instructions and had it working in minutes.

Is there a Swann integration? I have the RTSP streams working. But would like to access and integrate the more advanced features of my Swann NVR like détection and face recognition etc.

I did get my cameras to work with Frigate, but I would like to access the Swann NVR natively via an integration.

Hi, check out this link: FFmpeg Camera - Home Assistant
For the (input)…you enter your rtsp address.

Another link here:
Swann DVR CCTV systems and HA

Any updates to this?


So, I just finished installing the Swann 4K Floodlight (SWIFI-4KFLOCAM) today after much dissatisfaction with a couple other floodlight cameras, and although this camera isn’t perfect, it provides a solid rtsp stream, usable human detection, decent image quality (not quite comparable to indoor 4k cameras, but I wanted a drop-in replacement for a junction box mount), and best of all… its app communicates to the camera via REST API!! As a programmer, this is like hitting the jackpot.

To trace camera traffic, simply use something like Fiddler Classic, point your mobile connection to the Fiddler proxy instance on your machine (https decryption is not even needed - traffic occurs over http), and go from there.

Use postman to test requests, then HA rest_commands to control the camera and floodlight.

I’m still experimenting, but it appears most of the functionality occurs using the “setMediaConfig” endpoint.

curl --location --request POST ‘http://camera.ip:85/API10/setMediaConfig
–header ‘Content-Type: application/json’
–data ‘{
“Light”: 0

curl --location --request GET ‘http://camera.ip:85/API10/getMediaConfig
–header ‘Content-Type: application/json’ \

“Live Video Quality”: 3,
“Image Mirror”: 0,
“Image Flip”: 0,
“Video Environment”: 60,
“Video Environment Mode”: 2,
“Mic Volume”: 50,
“Speaker Volume”: 85,
“Light”: 0,
“Light On Motion”: 1,
“Light On Motion Duration”: 120,
“Light On Manual Duration”: 120,
“Siren”: 0,
“Siren On Motion”: 0,
“Siren On Motion Duration”: 0,
“Siren On Manual Duration”: 120,
“Enforcer”: 0,
“Enforcer On Motion”: 0,
“Enforcer On Motion Duration”: 30,
“Enforcer On Manual Duration”: 30,
“Light Intensity”: 100

Awesome work! I’m going to try this out on mine! Did you manage to intercept any notifications?

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