Swann One Zigbee Kit

Hi all, I walked into a store and they were clearing out old stock. (At 1/4 of the RRP)
I picked up one of these Swann One home systems that are Zigbee based.

I did some research and found a reference to the fact that it uses Home Automation (HA) 1.2 profile.
I have only opened the bridge to see if I can get it working and will return the whole kit if I cant get it working with Home Assistant.

I found some examples of people running a Samsung SmartThings MQTT bridge between the two systems but sadly not a single reference to anyone doing this with the Swann system.

I am tech savvy and can attempt to eaves drop on the bridge’s network traffic and maybe change the code in the above repo.

Has anyone else here attempted it or have an opinion on my chances doing this?
I have a week to return the system

hey @ettman8 did this work? I have quite a few of the swann one plugs myself as I got them for cheap.


Afraid not, I had to return them quickly to get a full refund so I researched for a couple of days, came up with nothing and gave it back.

I would suggest if you are set on getting them to work that you ask some questions and get involved in this project (Zigbee2MQTT)

It appears they already support Swann Keyfob and Door/Window Sensor

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Hey @ettman8, do you have any suggestions for getting this to work with zigbee2mqtt? I just bought one, got it recognised by zigbee2mqtt (hass.io running on a Pi3) but it only appears to see one button… and I’m struggling to get any reaction from it.