Swap Energy Bars in Energy Management Board

The support for home batteries has been integrated one month after the presentation of Home Assistant Energy Management, which introduced a graph on the Energy Board, indicating the usage of energy within the house.
As such the battery graphs have been added on top of the previously visible bars.
In the screenshot, you can see that the on the energy usage of the house the order of being plotted is direct usage (yellow), grid usage (dark blue) and finally battery provided energy usage (light blue).
On the other side we have the energy generated by the PV system currently not needed by the house. Again the grid return (purple) is plotted prior to the battery charging (pink).

My inverter web interface (E3DC) does it differently, which I prefer.

The energy generated in your own house should always take presedence over the external provided grid energy.
I.e. on the usage side have the direct usage drawn first (yellow), followed by the battery usage (light blue) and the grid usage last/on top (dark blue). On the overproduction I would like to see the battery charge (pink) drawn first followed by the grid export (purple).
Because that is also the logic being applied when used. The in case the battery is not yet fully loaded the energy will be moved towards the battery. Only then it is exported into the grid. On the otherside, energy from the grid is only bought, in case the PV system does not produce enough energy and the battery cannot provide the required energy.