Swapped tablet, now images does not show up in HA dashboard

I’ve just swapped my livingroom-tablet from an Acer iconia A10-B30 to an Acer iconia A10-B40, as the old one died.
I run wallpanel from @thanksmister on it.
They are authentitacated via IP, and I can access the ha dashboard etc. without issues.
I have three pictures on it (apart from all the buttons that all works).

  1. yr.picture (small weather icon)
  2. camera.weather, which is also from yr, but a forecast.
  3. camera.front_door, which is a streamed NEST doorbell proxied through HA.

I can see each of them if I access the proxies via Chrome.
And it shows the 2).
But 1) and 3) does not show up. When I start wallpanel, it quickly shows 1), and then it goes blank. The streamed camera never appears.
It of course worked on the old tablet.
What am I missing?

Well, each device uses its own operating system which supports its own version of the Google WebView. Webview is the component used inside WallPanel to display web pages. You can try to update this component by searching Google Play. What you are experiencing is compatibility issues with the webpage you are displaying in WallPanel app and the version of Google’s WebView component on your new device.

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If you have used custom CSS or some other component you can try to temporarily remove these to see if you can get the page to render. I am using a Google Fire OS device and so far I am able to render the new Lovelace UI with video components.

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I see, and as I undstand you, Chrome isn’t using the webview? I see all the images in chrome in the lovelace ui, it’s only the wall panel that doesn’t show it all?

No, unfortunately the version of Chrome Browser you have is not the same as the WebView component used inside an Android application. The WebView component uses some version of WebKit under the hood, but it will not be the same version of WebKit used by your Chrome Browser app.

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Ok, thankyou for the insights! Too bad that I can’t solve it. The Android is a 6, so it should be new enough I guess.