Swing gate opener


We have a swing gate (one part, not two parts) that we now manually have to close and open. I would like to automate it. The gate is within Wi-Fi range.

The most important in the short term would be:

  • Use HA to open (and it should stay open and not reclose after some minutes) or close the gate. I already have a running Home Assistant to monitor energy production and to do some automations (eg. Shelly’s to switch off some devices when family not_home).
  • I already have a RFID-RC522 and some RFID-tags lying around, but not installed. If a correct RFID-tag is detected the gate should open to close again after some minutes.
  • An electronic lock some way or another, so that you can’t force the gate open.

What would be nice to have in the longer term:

  • At least two remotes to open the gate.
  • If HA detects a change from family ‘not_home’ to ‘home’ to open the gate.
  • If HA detects a change from family ‘home’ to ‘not_home’ to close the gate.
  • Use HA to open the gate after eg. 30 minutes (eg. when leaving work and coming home) and stay open until explicitly closed.
  • An option in HA to set ‘don’t close’ should be possible, so that the gate is open whatever is done. Eg. the remote is used to close the gate, but then HA should detect that and reopen it. Or don’t open it in the first place.

Any ideas to start such a project?

  • I don’t have a motor/gate opener yet, but I was thinking about eg. this one. It comes with two ‘remotes’ and a ‘control box’ (optionally a lock can be connected to extra lock the gate). The control board has a M1+ and a M1- to control the motor. But how could I automate the gate with HA? Any other better option that ships to Belgium is ok for me :-).
  • I see solutions with a Shelly 1, while I would expect a Shelly 2.5 as I already have one to open or close a rolling motor for my screen. But I don’t know if it will work the same: I had 3 wires at the rolling motor instead of 2 at the controlboard of the gate opener.
  • I guess I need something to connect the RFID-RC522 to?

I will also need some kind of video doorbell. I’m thinking about an eufy doorbell. But that will be separate project and topic.